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Everything You Need To Know .

When should I make my reservation?

You should reserve as far ahead as possible. While we have lots of room, we do book up quickly.

What are your vaccination requirements?

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella – We highly recommend this shot to be given every 6 months but only yearly is required.
  • Distemper/ Parvo – usually given as a combination
  • Canine influenza is recommended but not required


– We do not allow dogs with missing or incomplete vaccinations to come to Pawsh Palace.


– Puppies must be finished with their final round of vaccinations to be able to participate in Daycare & Boarding


– If your dog is elderly or have shown signs of vaccine reactions in the past, please contact our front desk. You may be asked to provide additional documents.

What if my pet becomes ill or gets hurt while I am away?

In the event of an emergency we will attempt to contact you and your preferred veterinarian. In the event of a true emergency, we will not delay life-saving treatment. Our associate facility, West Flamingo Animal Hospital, will provide emergency treatment. If necessary we will transport your pet to the nearest emergency veterinary hospital.  Additional charges may apply to transport your dog to and from the Veterinarian

Will you administer medications during my pets stay?

Yes, we can. Many of our guests take medication on a daily basis. Additional charges may apply. Pawsh Palace cannot administer injections. Only oral and topical medications/ointments are permitted

What are your hours of operation?

  • We are staffed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a pet care specialist.
  • Regular business hours are Monday-Sunday 8AM-7PM.
  • Check in begins at noon so we have time to reset and sanitize the room from the guest before.  
  • If check in is needed before noon there is a $25 daycare fee that will incur your pup must be able to socialize until their suite is ready.
  • Checkout time Monday – Saturday is  12 pm, Sunday is  3pm.  Your pup may stay until 7pm for a $25 late fee per pup. 
  • Holiday hours are subject to change. Please call for more details. 
My dog is not spayed or neutered. Can he/she still stay at your resort?

  • We require puppies over 6 months old to be spayed or neutered. 
  • We take in unaltered dogs on a case by case basis. Intact dogs are not allowed to participate in group play. Dogs in the same family are more than welcome to stay together.
  • Pawsh Palace will accept unaltered dogs under 35 pounds but MUST sign up for individual play time since they cannot go into playgroup there is a $10 fee per day for intact pups.
  • If your female dog is in heat, an extra fee will apply due to the extra cleanup needed.
  • All unaltered pets are placed in our Individualized Care Program for their safety and the safety of other guests. Instead of group playtimes, these animals receive individual playtimes with one of our Pet Care Specialists.
Does my dog require a temperament test?

Dogs over 35 lbs are required to pass a temperament test to be able to stay at Pawsh Palace.

  • Temperament tests are $25 and can be up to 4 hours long. In the first two hours, your dog will be evaluated based on how they react to other dogs in group play. The last two hours are used to evaluate your dog in one of our boarding rooms. 
  • We are looking for the following behaviors:
    • Aggression (to humans and other dogs)
    • Non-stop barking or howling
    • Escaping/ jumping out of play yards.
    • Destructive behavior
  • If your dog fails the temperament test, you will be asked to return to Pawsh Palace to pick them up immediately.
Is pet transportation available?

  • Pick up and Drop off is available however reservations must be done in advance.
  • Prices vary depending on location & start at $35 each way.
  • Pawsh Palace is able to transport your dog to and from the Las Vegas strip at your hotel’s respective valet.
Can my pet get fleas from other animals during their stay at Pawsh Palace Pet Resort?

We take flea and tick prevention very seriously. Every animal staying with us, whether overnight or for daycare, should be on routine, ongoing flea and tick preventative. This helps to ensure no flea or tick infestation can occur at our facility. If we find fleas on any animal, they will be given a mandatory flea bath immediately. The charge for this bath varies depending on the size of your animal but will be a minimum of $50. Repeat offenders will be denied future services. Our associate facility, South Valley Animal Hospital, can assist you in getting your animal on a flea and tick preventative.

My dog is older. I would like him to get some play time but he may tire more quickly than younger dogs. What accommodations are available for him?

Your pet is constantly assessed by our trained staff. If they seem tired of playing, they will be escorted back to their suite so that they can rest. Conversely, if you dog seems happier in play time, then we’ll leave them in the playgroup a little longer.

My dog hasn’t socialized that much. Will she/he enjoy being in a group?

Our doggy daycare provides a great way to introduce dogs who have not been socialized into a safe and controlled environment. Some dogs may take longer to adjust to being in a group setting. We offer individualized stay for dogs if you feel that your dog is not suited to be with the play group.  Our staff is trained to curtail any unwanted aggression. Also, dogs are separated into one of our three playgroup areas based on size and temperament. Your dog will never be put into a group where it would be outsized by everyone else.

Is daycare safe? Could my dog get bitten by another dog?

When dogs play, they use their paws and mouths and their play can sometimes mimic wrestling or fighting. In rare instances, play goes too far and a dog can get bitten or scratched. It’s a lot like a playground full of children. Occasionally kids who play hard end up with cuts or bruises. Rest assured that our trained staff monitor the dogs at all times and take their safety very seriously. We take all precautions to avoid any occurrence of injury.

I have multiple dogs, Can they share a suite?

Pawsh Palace offers suite-style boarding. This allows for multiple dog families to stay together in a spacious room.

Can my pet bring their own food?

  • We encourage pet parents to provide their dog’s regular food to avoid an upset stomach. Please provide your dog’s feeding instructions upon check in. We accept all forms of feeding as long as the food is packaged appropriately.
  • All meals must be pre-portioned out in zip lock bags only & labeled.
  • Pawsh Palace offers Nulo food, Oma’s Pride Raw, & Dog and  Whistle homemade meals for purchase.
  • If you forget your pets own food we will provide them with our house for for a $5 meal charge
  • Please do not bring a large bag of kibble or personal tupperware as we have limited storage & items get misplaced.
  • Additional meals/ medications besides AM/PM will be an additional fee of $5.
How many times a day will my pet be fed?

  • We feed our dogs twice a day for breakfast and dinner. If your dog requires multiple feedings throughout the day, please let our front desk know upon check in additional meals besides the AM/PM will be an additional $5.
  • Daycare rates do not include feedings. A $5 charge per meal will be added onto your booking if your dog needs to be fed during daycare.
Can I bring in my dog’s bed or toy?

You are permitted to bring 2 of the following: bed and/ or blanket.  No toys are to be brought to Pawsh Palace as things get lost/misplaced.

I left my dogs medication or belonging can you ship them?
Pawsh Palace is not responsible for items left behind. We have several dogs in and out daily so it is hard to keep track of every pups individual belongings. That is why we ask you to double check you have your belongings in the bag before leaving. There are signs at the front desk, lobby, & a text reminder you receive at check out. If you have left your belongings we can ship them to you however you would be responsible for the cost of shipping.

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